2018 Looking Back

Once again I am being lazy in updating these post. Reason is due to my attention was working on products to sell at conventions for myself and others I collaborated with such as Lighting Bliss, Key Frame, Sophie Scrubs. Which turned out to be very successful for me and then. I do hope to continue this through 2019.


I would say 2018 was a GREAT year for others and me around me. Yeah some bad things do happen but it seems like the good out weighs the bad. I did some things I normally would not do and I am glad I did them not sure if I would do these things again.


It seem like 2019 is going to be a great year for a lot of people and I hope to make it one myself. Oh boy a lot of people is getting married now. Its nice to see that people are making good money to make that change in their lives. I better get on marketing my products to that audience! The “Your Wedding Here” Christmas ordainments got allot of nice feedback!


As 2019 starts I have some goals for myself. First, is feeling healthier about myself. Right now I feel out of shape and not good about it. I want to change that. Second, is to try to socialize more with co-workers, artist, and others in my community of work. Third, I like to go out on more dates to find someone I click with that I want to pursue a relationship.   Fifth, I don’t want others bad moods of feeling effect the way I feel. That has always bothered me in the past and I am tired of that.


Thank you 2018 you were GREAT and AWESOME. Here is to 2019 to make it better!


This weekend I am going to pony con NYC. This is my first time traveling to NYC since 1991. Yeah that long ago! I been doing what I can to get ready for this event and get the most out of this weekend. Its going to be a fun time!


Another note, I had a fan boy moment this past week. As you know I have been making Art Nouveau badges and prints of horse famous people and voice actors OC. Recently I did a image of Tara Strong’s OC : http://samoht-lion.deviantart.com/art/Tara-Strong-art-Nouveau-589624826. About hour of posing it art sites and twitter. Mrs. Tara Strong contacted me and requested 25 prints for her charity https://www.gofundme.com/teamollieoxen. She giving signed copies of the print to the first people who donate 100 to that charity.


Also I want to give an update on my commissions:

Maasai: Sketch

Fangorn Sercath: Sketch

Gryphon Ex Nihilus: Not started

ATug231: Not Started


I will be working on these commissions while I am on the 11 hour bus ride to NYC for Ponycon. If your going to be at the event hit me up!


This is a journal long over due, but to sum it all up in a nutshell, had amazing time at Brony Con.   Staying for the whole event was a great move to do, next time try to leave Monday morning instead of Sunday night.


Brony con was the most social experience I have ever had at any convention! Its like going to home coming at high School but you like everyone. I am still trying to sum up all that happened at the event but so much keeps coming back to me about the event. Nonetheless I am going to try!


Trying to get down Thursday after work was a hot mess, the traffic was just jacked up around the Baltimore area and didn’t make in time to register. I ended up just getting things set up in my room with 3 other Bronies I have never meet before. Ran into some Horse famous people out in about in the Loby. Then wrapped it up to try to get in line early for the first day of the event.


Friday I was in line, had the badges for gifts and commissions ready to go, plus I was in my Rocketeer cosplay which many of the Bronies got a kick! Here are some videos I been spotted in at the event. Where I gave out some of the badge gifts to the horse famous Bronies on you tube.




So got some clients who are promoting my work, outstanding!


The rest of the day I got some gifts I gave out to the visiting guest plus some original prints of mine I made to get signed which was neat. I would say the highlights with the guest were Cathy Weseluck givng me a hug after I gave her a print. https://twitter.com/CathyWeseluck/status/629827511577354240

Plus Andy Price showing of my drawing of his OC behind his work station at the event.


The rest of Friday I spent with the FOB Equestria in giving out their badges and joining their crew for dinner plus Pony Palazza show. It was so nice to see these guys I been chatting with for the past 5 months online.


Saturday, was a bit all over the pace again. Was able to get John DeLancey to signed a custom print I made and gave some gifts I made for him to his handler. He didn’t look to well that day. Over herd he got sick off something he ate. Looked like he needed to go to BED!


The rest of the day just cosplayed it as the Rocketeer again, got some great photo ups. Changed into a WWII class B’s for the Grand Galloping Gala. O my that was a fun show to go to, they had cosplayers acting like the show characters interacting with the crowed as if the event was taking in part of the Equestrian universe. I would highly recommend taking a date to that part of the event. TOTALLY worth IT!


Sunday I was able to get some panels, the animation panel about the opening ceremonies behind the scenes talk and the IDW MLPFIM comics panel. Then the rest of the day hooked up with the FOB Equestria and meet up with some of the venders and chatted about their work and some ideas I like to give them. I wish I could go into more details but that day is still hard to recall what happened!


At the end of it all I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE! I wanted to say good by to many people as I could. Just driving back to Pittsburgh for 3.5 hours alone wasn’t going to be too fun. I didn’t get back till 2am Monday.


The rest of that week was hard, not post con depression more like post con funk hitting me. Just having enough energy to get through the work day and then crashing!


But when this past weekend came around again, I was at another event in Fredrick MD, and I hit up a local club where I knew some friends were going. O behold I ran into some Bronies from the con. Had a great chat with them. Seems like two weekend in a row had some sort of Brony fan meetup experience. I hope I can have something like that this Friday for my Birthday!

Anthrocon 2015 Reflections

Hello watchers online, hope everyone is doing well. For those who went to Anthrocon 2015 I hope you got home safe. It has taken me a day or so to process what happened during the event. As for anyone who has attended event like Anthrocon, you get a post con depression. In my case I am feeling post con regret.

I seem to get post con regret when I feel I could of done more before the event to prepare to make the event better for myself. This year I seem to be so forced on creating art works for the art show and items for the Artist Ally I failed to make connections with friends who may be there to make plans in the evening.

Hers a break down of how I recall Anthrcon 2015 went for me.

Friday at the event I was jammed up with setting up for the art show, going to host The Lion King Fan Meet, and the Art Show Reception. I was just about running from one location to another to make it to the events on time. Note to self try to have the Lion King Fan meet on Saturday or Sunday next time!

For those who went to the Lion King Fan meet I hope you had a wonderful time. That you enjoy the prizes I gave out. With next year with the start of the new Lion King show some more energy in that fandom can start up again.

As for the art show, I enjoyed the feedback you gave me regarding the art I had up for Auction. The Unicorn Shadowbox design seems to be a big hit with the show. Here’s a link on a tutorial on how I did, that I submitted to another online contest. http://www.instructables.com/id/Unicorn-Paper-Craft-Shadowbox/

If you get the chance please go vote for my submission.

I had 30 items up in the art show this year and sold 18 out of the 30. I was hoping to get the items I made to sold to support friends this year sold. But at least the image for http://cosmicchrissy.deviantart.com/ got sold. Once I get account of how much that went for I will send her the winnings. Next year I am going to stick to less than 20 items for the show and don’t make any more.

As for the artist ally, I was set up on a poor location on Friday to help a new brony attending the event. But Saturday was must profitable, my Brony and Furry tshirts sold well. I am making arrangements to have them sold at Brony Con this year at a friend’s table.

The minimalist badges were the one commission I sold the most of at the ally. I have some full badges I have to work on at home. I will be doing a posting of what I need to make in the next few days. Next year I will work on doing more preorder for these prior to the event. With the next year theme being the “Roaring 20s” I am expecting to sell a lot of Art Nouveau theme badges and have a lot more Art Nouveau prints in the show.

But as I walked around the ally I saw allot of artist I haven’t seen in along time and new artist I wish I made connections with prior to the event. Case in point, a local artist has a new comic series called “Dawn of the Furries” kind of a “Dawn of the Dead” story with the infected becoming Furries. Here is a link to support his book. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/JeffOutlaw/dawn-of-the-furries

What I should of done is post some fan art related to his comic online and make some more post to draw attention to his work and his place in the Artist Ally. I am going to try to make it up to him by making some fan art online.

But what is bugging me in the back of my mind is it seems like this year it was hard to make connections with old friends or even new ones. Which I blame myself due to I spent the last few month busting on my butt on art contest and the art show this year. Most of the friends I use to see at the event were not there or not available. I want to change that for future event.

Going through my archive of watched messages I realized that I had not made a comment, or read any one else journal posting for over a year. Which adds on to the regret feeling. Some friends you have to take note that they are not the same people you once knew or they will not be in the same friendship relationship you hoped. The only action is to cut your ties and wish them well.

I went to a local meetup tonight and they were talking about post meetup interactions and how its best to reach out to those who you made a connection with to see if they are okay. I going to reach out to those new friends and the old friends who contacted me to see how they are doing. Just because I am not depress doesn’t mean I can help.

The next con I am going to is Brony Con, I am going to make this con to be my fun interaction con. I am going to see if I can help my one friend at the event which will allow me to sell some of the Brony tshirts. But the true objective is to have fun at that event. So if your going to the event drop me a line, lets chat prior to the event and may be we can do something together at Brony Con!

Changes for 2015

I know its been sometime since I posted on here.  Been out of the loop on whats going on with FA and other actives. Sort of stuck in a rut near the end of 2014 that cause so major changes in my career.  But now i am working at a great job in the Pittsburgh area and looking to reconnect with friend and new clients.

As for commissions I owe, I understand if you want your money back and I be happy to return it and I still want to do your commissions.  As for art, making arrangements for the Anthrocon art show, doing the artist ally again and hope to do Brony Con again this year.  As of this week I am on twitter now (twitter.com/SamohtLion),  I know better late than ever to get on that site but I want to get more social online I figure thats a start.  Hit me up I love to hear how everyone is doing!

What is a Brony and am I one?

For the past 2 years My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (MLP FIM)has made its mark on Flash developed TV shows and on the world wide web.   When I came upon it for the first time I was amazed about how much thought and creation when into developing this project.

What others have created using MLP FIM as their subject is also amazing.   I have done some fan art related to it; My Art Deco Rainbow Dash Poster (https://samohtlion.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/my-little-pony-rainbow-dash.jpg) and Pony Traveling stickers (https://samohtlion.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/fillydelphia-ponyburgh-logos.jpg ).  But creating items like this, watching the show, and watching fan edited Pony Vide on You Tube, dose that make me a BRONY?

Any who I wanted to share some MLP FIM related videos from the wonderful world of the Internet. Here is a vide good example of how I relate to MLP FIM from a comedy group on The Escapist Magazine website (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/loadingreadyrun/5306-Pony-Time ).

Here is a neat combinations, this will sound wonderful like Peanut butter and Jelly or horrible like Nazi riding Dinosaurs.  MLP FIM music mixed in with the Gorillaz . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS3hvIgTepQ  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDfz9gnR5Ao&list=UU89nrYTIO2ibhrD7p-DGOnA&index=3&feature=plcp Playing these while I am running or drawing is been a guilty pleasure of mine.   Plus check out this Pony musician Acoustic Brony (http://www.youtube.com/user/acousticbrony?feature=results_main ).

I wanted to end this posting with some creative and out of these world insane MLP videos I found in my Internet travels.  Enjoy!!! HEADS UP some of these are dark.





But the major question is “ Am I a Brony?’  You know what, dose it matter, not like the world is going to end if I am.  Will I ever buy a MLP toy or figure, no.  Will I ever do a MLP video. Maybe?  But I am going to enjoy MLP FIM in my own way and share in good conversation with other fans of the show.