Changes for 2015

I know its been sometime since I posted on here.  Been out of the loop on whats going on with FA and other actives. Sort of stuck in a rut near the end of 2014 that cause so major changes in my career.  But now i am working at a great job in the Pittsburgh area and looking to reconnect with friend and new clients.

As for commissions I owe, I understand if you want your money back and I be happy to return it and I still want to do your commissions.  As for art, making arrangements for the Anthrocon art show, doing the artist ally again and hope to do Brony Con again this year.  As of this week I am on twitter now (,  I know better late than ever to get on that site but I want to get more social online I figure thats a start.  Hit me up I love to hear how everyone is doing!

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