This is a journal long over due, but to sum it all up in a nutshell, had amazing time at Brony Con.   Staying for the whole event was a great move to do, next time try to leave Monday morning instead of Sunday night.


Brony con was the most social experience I have ever had at any convention! Its like going to home coming at high School but you like everyone. I am still trying to sum up all that happened at the event but so much keeps coming back to me about the event. Nonetheless I am going to try!


Trying to get down Thursday after work was a hot mess, the traffic was just jacked up around the Baltimore area and didn’t make in time to register. I ended up just getting things set up in my room with 3 other Bronies I have never meet before. Ran into some Horse famous people out in about in the Loby. Then wrapped it up to try to get in line early for the first day of the event.


Friday I was in line, had the badges for gifts and commissions ready to go, plus I was in my Rocketeer cosplay which many of the Bronies got a kick! Here are some videos I been spotted in at the event. Where I gave out some of the badge gifts to the horse famous Bronies on you tube.

So got some clients who are promoting my work, outstanding!


The rest of the day I got some gifts I gave out to the visiting guest plus some original prints of mine I made to get signed which was neat. I would say the highlights with the guest were Cathy Weseluck givng me a hug after I gave her a print.

Plus Andy Price showing of my drawing of his OC behind his work station at the event.

The rest of Friday I spent with the FOB Equestria in giving out their badges and joining their crew for dinner plus Pony Palazza show. It was so nice to see these guys I been chatting with for the past 5 months online.


Saturday, was a bit all over the pace again. Was able to get John DeLancey to signed a custom print I made and gave some gifts I made for him to his handler. He didn’t look to well that day. Over herd he got sick off something he ate. Looked like he needed to go to BED!


The rest of the day just cosplayed it as the Rocketeer again, got some great photo ups. Changed into a WWII class B’s for the Grand Galloping Gala. O my that was a fun show to go to, they had cosplayers acting like the show characters interacting with the crowed as if the event was taking in part of the Equestrian universe. I would highly recommend taking a date to that part of the event. TOTALLY worth IT!


Sunday I was able to get some panels, the animation panel about the opening ceremonies behind the scenes talk and the IDW MLPFIM comics panel. Then the rest of the day hooked up with the FOB Equestria and meet up with some of the venders and chatted about their work and some ideas I like to give them. I wish I could go into more details but that day is still hard to recall what happened!


At the end of it all I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE! I wanted to say good by to many people as I could. Just driving back to Pittsburgh for 3.5 hours alone wasn’t going to be too fun. I didn’t get back till 2am Monday.


The rest of that week was hard, not post con depression more like post con funk hitting me. Just having enough energy to get through the work day and then crashing!


But when this past weekend came around again, I was at another event in Fredrick MD, and I hit up a local club where I knew some friends were going. O behold I ran into some Bronies from the con. Had a great chat with them. Seems like two weekend in a row had some sort of Brony fan meetup experience. I hope I can have something like that this Friday for my Birthday!

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