This weekend I am going to pony con NYC. This is my first time traveling to NYC since 1991. Yeah that long ago! I been doing what I can to get ready for this event and get the most out of this weekend. Its going to be a fun time!


Another note, I had a fan boy moment this past week. As you know I have been making Art Nouveau badges and prints of horse famous people and voice actors OC. Recently I did a image of Tara Strong’s OC : http://samoht-lion.deviantart.com/art/Tara-Strong-art-Nouveau-589624826. About hour of posing it art sites and twitter. Mrs. Tara Strong contacted me and requested 25 prints for her charity https://www.gofundme.com/teamollieoxen. She giving signed copies of the print to the first people who donate 100 to that charity.


Also I want to give an update on my commissions:

Maasai: Sketch

Fangorn Sercath: Sketch

Gryphon Ex Nihilus: Not started

ATug231: Not Started


I will be working on these commissions while I am on the 11 hour bus ride to NYC for Ponycon. If your going to be at the event hit me up!

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