2018 Looking Back

Once again I am being lazy in updating these post. Reason is due to my attention was working on products to sell at conventions for myself and others I collaborated with such as Lighting Bliss, Key Frame, Sophie Scrubs. Which turned out to be very successful for me and then. I do hope to continue this through 2019.


I would say 2018 was a GREAT year for others and me around me. Yeah some bad things do happen but it seems like the good out weighs the bad. I did some things I normally would not do and I am glad I did them not sure if I would do these things again.


It seem like 2019 is going to be a great year for a lot of people and I hope to make it one myself. Oh boy a lot of people is getting married now. Its nice to see that people are making good money to make that change in their lives. I better get on marketing my products to that audience! The “Your Wedding Here” Christmas ordainments got allot of nice feedback!


As 2019 starts I have some goals for myself. First, is feeling healthier about myself. Right now I feel out of shape and not good about it. I want to change that. Second, is to try to socialize more with co-workers, artist, and others in my community of work. Third, I like to go out on more dates to find someone I click with that I want to pursue a relationship.   Fifth, I don’t want others bad moods of feeling effect the way I feel. That has always bothered me in the past and I am tired of that.


Thank you 2018 you were GREAT and AWESOME. Here is to 2019 to make it better!

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