The Lion King retrospect 17 years latter

So this past month The Lion King returned to theaters in 3d and on Blueray a few weeks back.  The big SUCKER of a Lion King fan I am, I saw it and got the trilogy box set.  I hope everyone is enjoying that wallpaper image I made out of the box art.  If you downloaded and made it your desktop background send me a screen shot.  I like to see what it looks like.

Also I got the other promo goodies.  Such as the 3d card, the lithographs and the iPad second screen application for the iPad.  Which I HIGHLY recommend getting for your iPad or just to get an iPad to have this if you’re a big of a Lion King art fan as I am.

So you can say I am a Lion king fan, now for my review of the 3d production.   In some parts of the movie the 3D look great, with the opening sequence, the large landscape, and the stampede.  The 3D effect was done WELL.  But in other parts of the movie it made the animation look like paper cut outs, had no depth or was off.  There for I think they needed to do another pass with the 3D work and tie down some shot.  But that’s just my opinion.

If you watch web movie reviews as much as me.  I highly recommend watching the Nostalgia Chick’s review of the Lion king 3D.  You can a find a link for here review here:

She performs a good review of the movie and it’s very enjoyable to watch!!

For those who watched or favored my art I wanted to tell you how The Lion King affected me.   Before the lion king I rarely draw any cartoon character, yet alone Disney.  I never too thought or even an interest in animation.  But when I was 11 years old in that summer of 1994 The Lion King changed that.

I think it showed me you could create an epic feeling out of animation, that not all cartoon movies have to be about princesses finding their prince.  Before the Lion King look at Disney past movies in the 90s that I recall seeing; Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.   I give Aladdin some credit that there was some things a young boy can relate to.  But most of the movies were directed towards girls.

Lion king was a risk to take of a story.  I think everyone read the stories how Disney thought it would fail and that Pocahontas would be the victor.  I think that’s why Pixar performs well with their movies; they don’t shoot for the Fairy Tell story.  That’s what Lion King was not a Fairy tell story, story on an epic scale.

As I was going through the special features on the Lion King, I found a little video part that had all the animators who worked on that movie sitting down, talking about their feelings and their work they put into it.   It was a nice video and group of that talent is rare to be put into a movie such as this.   Many Lion king fans that I knew growing up were all about the voice actors of the film.  Thinking they were the stars and the ones who brought those characters to life.   Looking back on this, I feel they were wrong.. It was the animators…

I have taken up my Bachelors degree in animation.  To be a good animator you have to be more than a good draftsman, you have to be a good actor.  You need to get into the mind of that character you are creating.  Yes Jeremy Irons plays scar well in the voice.  But the true actor of Scar is Andreas Deja, if you don’t know who that is look him up and here is a link to his blog:  Book mark it and become a follower.

In my life I feel that I have gone the some hard ships like Simba. Not as bad, but had gone through my trails of life.  Looking back to this film I can relate to it more than ever.  I feel good coming back to my fandom of the Lion king and drawing fan art that relates to how I feel about it today. I like to here other Lion king fans feelings about this!

Also, how many of you up you pet in that Circle of Life  Pose?

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